We know that talking about dying, death and bereavement is not easy, which is why we have a range of resources to help you start the conversation. You can use them in your organisation, with family or friends, or simply as an individual to help understand what to expect when someone is dying, and how to start planning and preparing for the end of life.


Which of the following describes how you would feel talking to someone close to you about their end of life wishes.

Our resources

PDF and print-ready leaflets

Our leaflets are designed to help everyone, whatever their situation, begin conversations about end of life issues. They present useful information in a clear and easy to read manner on subjects including making plans, writing wills, bereavement, talking to children about death and avoiding misconceptions about dying. All the leaflets are freely available to download and print. 

*Please note that for your own use, use the single page version of the leaflets (first option) The "print ready" version is what you will need to send to a professional printers if you wish.*

We now have five leaflets and you can find them here:

No.1 - Things to do before you die 

Print ready version to take to a professional printers here

No.2 - Supporting bereavement

Print ready version to take to a professional printers here

No.3 - Let's talk about dying

Print ready version to take to a professional printers here

No.4 - Talking about dying with people affected by dementia

Print ready version to take to a professional printers here

No.5 - Talking about dying with children

Print ready version to take to a professional printers here

The leaflets are designed to be printed as A5 roll fold, and the recommended paper weight is 150gsm silk or similar. If you are printing on a home or office printer, you can print as ordinary sheets and staple in the corner or long edge. If you need a large print version you can print them at A4.


Dying Matters Awareness Week resource pack

The 2021 resource pack is filled with messaging, graphics and images, social media headers and much more. 

Download the resource pack

Lawrlwytho adnoddau yn Gymraeg


Dying Matters Awareness Week sharable presentation

Want more information on how to talk about what it means to be in a good place when we die? The Dying Matters presentation is for you to use however you wish as part of your Dying Matters Awareness Week activity. 

Download the presentation (PDF)

Download the presentation (PPT)


Dying Matters Awareness Week social media cheat sheet

Download the social media cheat sheet to have handles, links, draft posts and imagery that you can use quickly and easily on your channels. 

Download the social media cheat sheet (word doc)



You can listen to season one here and to season two here.



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