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21 October 2019
Dying Matters has been part of Hospice UK for over two years, and we feel it is time to update the Dying Matters colours to match those used by Hospice UK.
20 August 2010
If we think about it for more than five seconds at a time – and the actual time spent is presumably related to age and current state of health – most of us would surely choose to die peacefully and quietly at home in our own bed, with loved ones close by.
19 August 2010
Report gives national and regional information on where and how we die
17 August 2010
The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has announced ‘end of life care’ as one of its nine new quality standards to be developed during 2010-11.
13 August 2010
There is increasing interest nationally and locally in raising public awareness about end of life issues, particularly around planning for the future with respect to care needs. Local PCT, NHS North Lancashire, has recently funded a research project to develop a locally appropriate peer education programme on end of life issues for older adults.
11 August 2010
Nurses must change their approach to end of life care for chronic disease, senior nurses have warned in response to research shared exclusively with Nursing Times. Patients with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases are significantly more likely to die in hospital than at home, compared with patients with cancer, according to the first report from the National End of Life Care Intelligence Network.
9 August 2010
The Local Government Association’s Public Health Funerals Survey 2010, released this week, has revealed a worrying increase in taxpayer-funded ‘pauper’s graves’. Last year, around 2,200 people were buried or cremated by councils across England and Wales, either because they died alone with no traceable family or friends, or because family and friends were unable or unwilling to pay for a funeral.
9 August 2010
Dying Matters, the 10,000 strong coalition working across England to raise awareness of dying, death and bereavement, has welcomed the latest Panorama investigation into the Will writing industry. Eve Richardson, Chief Executive of Dying Matters, has spoken out to remind the public that making a Will is vitally important.
6 August 2010
Author Grace Sheppard, who wrote, 'Living with Dying', a book about caring for her husband shortly before he died from cancer, has spoken about the taboos that surround death at NHS North West’s Dying Matters Week.
4 August 2010
Save the date: Next Dying Matters Awareness Raising Week scheduled for the week commencing 16th May 2011.
3 August 2010
A scheme to help dying people in North Somerset choose where they live their last breath has been launched.



Which of the following describes how you would feel talking to someone close to you about their end of life wishes.

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