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29 June 2017
Jon Underwood, founder of the Death Cafe Movement in the UK, has died suddenly at the age of 44.
9 August 2010
The Local Government Association’s Public Health Funerals Survey 2010, released this week, has revealed a worrying increase in taxpayer-funded ‘pauper’s graves’. Last year, around 2,200 people were buried or cremated by councils across England and Wales, either because they died alone with no traceable family or friends, or because family and friends were unable or unwilling to pay for a funeral.
6 August 2010
Author Grace Sheppard, who wrote, 'Living with Dying', a book about caring for her husband shortly before he died from cancer, has spoken about the taboos that surround death at NHS North West’s Dying Matters Week.
4 August 2010
Save the date: Next Dying Matters Awareness Raising Week scheduled for the week commencing 16th May 2011.
3 August 2010
Jeanne Dennis, writing on, considers the role social media can play in destigmatising death, dying and bereavement.
3 August 2010
A second wave of NHS organisations has been given the go-ahead to become social enterprises under the government’s Right to Request scheme. The 15 projects to win approval cover a range of services including access to psychological therapies, improving end of life care and a number of children’s services.
3 August 2010
A scheme to help dying people in North Somerset choose where they live their last breath has been launched.
30 July 2010
The film, made jointly with arts charity Rosetta Life, talks candidly to members of the Lambeth community about death, dying and end of life care planning. The film can be viewed in full by following the link below.
23 July 2010
In this months magazine of the Law Society Probate Section, Tony Collinson looks at how the Dying Matters Coalition could help practitioners support their clients through the difficult process of addressing and planning for their own deaths.
15 July 2010
Dying Matters Coalition today welcomes a report that places the UK at the top of an international league table rating End of Life Care provision. Dying Matters is calling for due attention to be paid to the report’s central theme that combating the taboos which continue to surround subjects of death and dying will be crucial to the improvement of palliative care.
13 July 2010
Mortality was a constant theme and inspiration in the work of the author Beryl Bainbridge. In one of her final pieces of writing, she reflects on the journey from light to darkness



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