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4 September 2019
Royal London has published it's annual National Funeral Cost Index for 2019. Among other findings. the report shows that the cost of funerals has risen by only 0.7% in the last year, while...
20 December 2010
Dying Matters says across the UK more than one in 10 people over 65 will spend Christmas alone, making them especially vulnerable - with thousands at increased risk of dying because of the cold weather.
15 December 2010
This weeks Oberserver Magazine celebrates 13 obituaries from 2010
14 December 2010
The Department of Health and Macmillan Cancer Support have joined forces on a new initiative aimed at improving end of life care on the Isle of Man. The two year project will work with patients, carers, health and social care professionals and the voluntary and faith sectors on the Isle of Man, to produce an agreed end of life care strategy and to develop an implementation plan for improving end of life care across a wide range of life limiting conditions.
10 December 2010
Leading commentators launched an exclusive performance at the British Museum to raise awareness of death and dying, with a discussion on the arts in end of life care.
3 December 2010
The NHS in England has failed to take responsibility for ensuring good end-of-life care, according to an independent review.
3 December 2010
The death of a close, elderly relative can often mean a sombre weekend or two going through old things, sorting through photographs, donating old clothes to charity.
3 December 2010
Spanish researchers say if children were taught in school about death they would have a more intense approach to life. Fabiana Siracusa and colleagues at the University of Granada in Spain say 76 percent of children fear death because their mothers avoid the topic. The researchers say children tend to believe in life after death and the belief is more common among girls than among boys.
1 December 2010
A survey by the Post Office financial services suggests that a large number of people could not face meeting their maker without a mobile phone in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other.
18 November 2010
Details from the UK’s first ever regional public consultation on death and dying were published on 15 November 2010. The three-month survey – carried out by NHS North East, supported by Dying Matters – was designed to improve end of life care and support by encouraging people to talk about it.



Which of the following describes how you would feel talking to someone close to you about their end of life wishes.

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