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3 July 2020
Hospice UK, the national charity for hospice and end of life care, is delighted to be joining forces and providing a new home for The Gold Standards Framework (GSF) Centre, the leading provider of...
15 November 2018
The Hospice UK Conference is nearly upon us!
4 July 2018
We recently approached Local Authorities’ Adult Social Care teams and Her Majesty’s Prisons services to raise awareness of Dying Matters and the importance of planning for death, dying and bereavement. If you have any questions about this or suggestions for who else we might want to reach out to, please get in touch.
29 June 2017
The National Council for Palliative Care was set up 25 years ago, at the request of the then government, to advocate for palliative and end of life care and build collaboration and partnership in the sector. Cicely Saunders was one of our founders and our first President. Since then we have worked tirelessly to bring palliative and end of life care into the mainstream, and ensure that everyone gets access to good end of life care.
29 June 2017
Jon Underwood, founder of the Death Cafe Movement in the UK, has died suddenly at the age of 44.
20 March 2017
Twelve winners have been announced for the first Dying Matters photographic competition. The competition challenged both professional and amateur photographers to produces images on the theme of “Celebrating Life in the Face of Death.”
8 December 2016
Dying Matters has responded to the Chief Medical Officer's suggestion that people should work longer in order to remain healthy and active in old age.
1 December 2016
Dying Matters has welcomed the launch of a new lower-cost cremation service.
5 September 2016
Dying Matters is encouraging its members and supporters to throw their weight behind Organ Donation Week, which runs from 5-11 September. Organ Donation Week is organised by NHS Blood and Transplant, and was formerly known as National Transplant Week.
4 August 2016
NCPC, the parent charity of Dying Matters, have just published a new guide on end of life care for older LGBT people.
25 July 2016
Like many people, we are deeply saddended to hear that Dr Kate Granger has died.



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