Royal London report into the cost of funerals

4 September 2019
Royal London has published it's annual National Funeral Cost Index for 2019. Among other findings. the report shows that the cost of funerals has risen by only 0.7% in the last year, while funeral poverty rose by 14%.

Toby Scott from Dying Matters said “It is very welcome news that funeral costs have risen only negligibly, and very good news that more people have a realistic idea of what a funeral will cost. But the continuing rise in funeral poverty is a major concern. There won’t a simple solution to this, but more time discussing and researching our own funeral wishes will be part of it. Too many people are taking on debt, selling possessions or skipping funeral elements to pay for a funeral. Everyone should get the send-off they want, but we need to talk about and plan this, including how we will pay for it.”

The full report is available from Royal London, and a blog summarising the research is online here

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