New BBC2 show to help families plan for death

14 January 2011
It looks like a new series of the BBC2 programme Can’t Take it With You starts tonight and might be worth a look in because tonight will see Gerry Robinson helping two families who can’t decide what to write in their wills and will highlight the fact that Dying well will is more likely to be achieved by talking about it early.

In the programme, presenter Gerry Robinson helps two couples face up to serious differences of opinion about how they want their possessions to be disposed of when they die.  Lesley wants to leave half the family home to charity, but her husband David wants it all to be left to his two sons by a previous marriage. Army Major Tom is headed for Baghdad, and urgently needs to make a will that includes his two stepdaughters. But his new wife Kiera is against the principle of inheritance and would rather leave everything they jointly own to charity.

Hilary Fisher, Director of Dying Matters, comments:

“It’s vital that you talk about your needs and plan your dying with those around you and making a Will is an important part of this process. By making a Will you can express your ‘final wishes’ and decide what you would like to leave your family and friends. Despite this, only 37 per cent of UK adults have done it. Can’t Take it With You therefore couldn’t be more timely – as it highlights the importance of talking about your wishes with those around you”.

Cant Take it with you airs tonight at 9pm on BBC2.

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