Most men would like to die having sex

3 March 2011
Where would most men like to spend their final moments? Surrounded by loved ones? Gazing at a magnificent view? Perhaps even watching their team score a winning goal. Well, not according to a new survey by Marie Curie Cancer Care, which reveals that most men would like to die - you guessed it - while having sex.

The charity, which provides free nursing care at home for people with terminal illnesses, polled nearly 2,000 people across the UK to find out where they would like to die. 

And while one in five men (18%) would like to spend their final moments engaging in a spot of hanky panky, the survey found that just 1.9% of women would like to go in the same way. 

The survey also revealed that 10% of men would like to shuffle off this mortal coil down the pub, with just 1% of women choosing to do the same. Men would also much prefer to die watching their favourite sports team win (6.3% of men versus 1.4% of women), doing something exciting such as being on a rollercoaster or bungee jumping, and doing their favourite sporting activity. A larger share of women would prefer to die somewhere picturesque or doing their favourite relaxing activity, such as reading or listening to music.

Among all respondents, almost two-thirds (63%) stated they would like to die at home and the majority of people (71%) would like to be surrounded by friends, family or loved ones. A mere 3% wanted to end their lives in hospital.

Former MP and Marie Curie Cancer Care supporter Edwina Currie said: “My first thought about where I’d like to die was 'under George Clooney – any time!' But wherever you would like to spend your final moments – whether on a beach in the Bahamas or somewhere less exotic - the reality is that not everyone gets to die in their place of choice.

“At present, most people die in hospital – the place they least want to be. But Marie Curie believes everyone should be able to die in their place of choice. Their nurses currently care for around half of all cancer patients who die at home and with your support they can provide more free care to people where and when they need it at the end of their lives.”

The top five places people want to die

  • Surrounded by my friends, family or loved ones: 71%
  • At home: 63%
  • Doing a favourite relaxing activity (e.g. reading): 18%
  • Somewhere picturesque: 16%
  • In a favourite holiday location: 10%

The survey was carried out to help launch the charity's annual Great Daffodil Appeal, which aims to raise over £5.5 million. Daffodil pins can be picked up from local stores, schools, street collectors and from Marie Curie Shops. To make a £3.00 donation to the Great Daffodil Appeal, text DAFF to 70777.

Where would you like to die? 

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