Important - Dying Matters Awareness Week - 11-17 May

17 March 2020
With Dying Matters Awareness Week less than two months away, we have recognised that COVID-19 will have a big impact on all of our plans.

First of all, please remember that public health is the most important thing. At this stage, we don’t know what the situation will be in May, but it is wise to assume things will be worse than they are now.  If you have a Dying Matters event planned, you have to consider if it will be practical or sensible to hold it. If you don't want to cancel, you could either postpone it, or see if it is possible to do something online. 

If you have registered an event on the Dying Matters website already and you have now had to cancel or change date, please contact Stephanie on to have this updated. 

With all the leaflets and posters available to print at home, you can be more flexible about timing, and only print when you know you are going ahead with something. As PDFs, the leaflets are also ready to be shared online if that’s best for you. 

We will be going ahead with Dying Matters Awareness Week nationally, seeking to gain media coverage and encouraging people to talk about death. There will be many additional deaths due to COVID-19, and it’s more important than ever that everyone makes their plans. We will all need to help each other with planning, with coping, with grieving, with remembering. Death is about to become a big part of public life. While we will be sensitive to the changing situation, we know there will be more people than ever with questions and concerns, who need to talk and who are dying to be heard. We will be looking at ways Dying Matters can provide support via social media to help people who may have loved ones die suddenly or before their expected time because of the virus. We also expect that funerals will be made brief and without the usual opportunities to say goodbye.

Keep an eye out for #BeforeTheirTime where we hope people will come together as an online community to share information and care for each other. 

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