Dying Matters supports Organ Donation Week

5 September 2016
Dying Matters is encouraging its members and supporters to throw their weight behind Organ Donation Week, which runs from 5-11 September. Organ Donation Week is organised by NHS Blood and Transplant, and was formerly known as National Transplant Week.

Claire Henry MBE, CEO of Dying Matters, said “talking about death won’t make it happen, and it’s important for us all to put our plans in place. One of the key decisions we all have to make is about organ donation, so that we have a chance to make life better for other people after we die.”

Dying Matter’s own survey from earlier this year found that only 33% of adults in Great Britain have registered to become an organ donor, or carry an organ donor card. Women are ahead of men in this regard, with 38% saying they are prepared to be organ donors compared with only 28% of men.

Says Claire “It’s important to discuss our end of life choices with our loved ones, and to make sure our wishes are written down. Organ Donation Week is a great chance to start that conversation, and to show that talking about death is nothing to be worried about. Once we have our plans in place, including our organ donation wishes, we can all get on with living our lives to the full.”

  1. More information about Organ Donation Week can be found here

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