Time to give the carbon back! Cremation or burial?

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Time to give the carbon back! Cremation or burial?

I have always want to be buried. Even as a child I fancied being down there with the worms, turning into grass and wildflowers. These days, in some places, you can even be buried underneath a fruit tree: the perfect ending to a fruitful life. Cremation causes pollution. All the alien matter that we have stuffed into ourselves during our lives, gets turned into poisonous smoke. I am lucky to live in the countryside, next to a little church with a wild and lovely churchyard. The grass is grazed by sheep rather than cut, and in spring it features masses of snowdrops and wild daffodils. I'd love to be buried there, and there is ample space. But what about town dwellers? Churchyards in towns are usually overcrowded, and it always feels as if developers are lying in wait to snatch the space. Even so, they often are little oases of peace. The Natural Death Centre has, amongst other very useful information, a list of natural burial grounds. Would you rather be an urn of ashes, than a tree? Whether or not you believe that God created the earth, His yards may still be (a tiny part of) the saving of it. See: http://www.countryfile.com/countryside/wildlife-churchyard http://www.naturaldeath.org.uk/index.php?page=find-a-natural-burial-site http://www.nativewoodland.co.uk/

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