They who die, save their children

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They who die, save their children

Having read about her in a book, I looked up Kate Kollwitz. She was a German painter/sculptor who lived early in the 20th century and devoted her work to the victims of poverty, hunger, and war. Her subject was often death. One work in particular grabbed me. It just said: "Wien sterbt! Rettet seine Kinder!"*. And I thought: "Yes! They who die, save their children. How true." My translation was wrong, as it happens, but the feeling: Yes! We have to sacrifice ourselves, some sooner, some later, so that our offspring can live, and have space, and make mistakes, and grow, and develop - was very right. Some (rich!) people want to live forever and put their money into researching ways to achieve this. Organizations like the 'Life Extension Movement' for instance, want to use cryonics (freezing), to extend our lives indefinitely. Can you imagine an earth full of old people? Where would the young ones go? Is there even space for all of us, now? What about 'fresh blood' - innovation, development? What about seeing, and learning from kids? Would you like your parents, and grandparents, and so on, to be always with you? "They who die, save their children." Most of us don't like dying, and of course, how you die makes all the difference. But death is the final sacrifice. Best do it wholeheartedly. With love, Annemieke Wigmore, *"Vienna is dying! Save her children!"

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