The role of the shaman in guiding the souls of the dead

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The role of the shaman in guiding the souls of the dead

The only certainties in life are death and taxes, according to Benjamin Franklin. So you’d think that, given the 100 per cent inevitability of our demise, we’d make pretty damn sure that we knew a heck of a lot about it. But no. We have every kind of instruction, information, advice and guidance on how to live — but none on how to die. We have to study and pass exams to do jobs, and even to drive a car. But nobody teaches us anything about dying, or expects us to be proficient in what we do when we shake off the mortal coil. Particularly today in the West, we live in denial about death. We hide our dead bodies away and if anyone talks about death, they’re accused of being morbid. It wasn’t always so ... and I've recently published an article on my blog about the role of the shaman in conducting the deceased soul to their next destination, known to shamans as the Land of the Dead. The link to it is here: I'd love to start a discussion on this subject as I'm looking for a way to bring it out into the open. I'm hoping eventually that hospices and nursing homes will allow us shaman psychopomps to work with the dying and dead there.

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