Price of coffins

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Bridget Fiennes
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Price of coffins

I attended a funeral recently where the deceased was taken to his final resting place in a coffin which, I was reliably informed, cost £900. It was a beautiful coffin, but a coffin nonetheless, a vessel for transporting a dead person. It was a work of art that would be, and would be quickly, buried out of view beneath six feet of soil. I could not help but think it wasn't worth it. That it would have been so much better donating the money spent on it to the hospice where this person died, for example. What do others think?

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Coffin prices

Was the coffin listed as costing £900 on a funeral directors invoice or was it bought direct from the manufacturer? If it was part of the package from the funeral director you need to read this which explains how why coffins appear to be so expensive.

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Coffin prices

Most coffins are bought from the funeral director, but there is a growing trend to sell direct to the public. The best example is Greenfield Creations who do a range of inexpensive coffins.
The point is well made about the burial in the ground. I would recommend people think seriously about eco-friendly funerals in woodland burial sites where the coffins have to be made from eco-friendly materials and which are generally considerably less expensive than a timber coffin costing £900. For more advice on green funerals visit: which also lists the websites of suppliers of eco-friendly coffins in the Useful websites panel.

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Coffin prices

HI, surely the price of the coffin does not matter to those that are grieving. Perhaps for some it is the only way they can think of to show how much this person will be missed.
Personally I want to have a wicker biodegradable coffin and do a bit of good after I've gone. I'm sure that they don't cost as much.

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Coffin prices

Nine hundred pounds for a coffin does seem a bit excessive, but as the cost of the funeral invariably comes out of the deceased's estate, and if finance isn't an issue for the deceased, it does a bit seem inappropriate to suggest what should or shouldn't be used.

I have been to funerals where the same amount has been spent on flowers which, to me, is even more indulgent as it is the one area where simple tributes are equally effective.

By leaving simple instructions that no flowers should be given, it gives the opportunity for the deceased to leave money to charity. Truly worthy causes will benefit long after flowers would have wilted.

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ClaireH says "Personally I

ClaireH says "Personally I want to have a wicker biodegradable coffin and do a bit of good after I've gone. I'm sure that they don't cost as much."

They don't cost anywhere near as much.

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The main reasons people have

The main reasons people have an expensive coffin must be because of pressure by the undertakers - and maybe fear of what the rest of the family/friends will think.
It's so nice if the money is given to a good cause instead, but you have to be very strong, and prepared to insist on that. Many are not in the mood for thinking about this beforehand.
And undertakers are bound to only think of their own interests.
These things should be talked about more ..... well done Dying Matters!
Love, Annemieke Wigmore,

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Price of coffin

I have to take issue with this comment I have been a funeral director for more than 30 years and I have never once coerced any client into buying an expensive coffin. Indeed my comments are more likely to be consider the cost of a coffin which you will see for a short time and which will then be buried or cremated. My staff have all been trained to do the same. We purchase a coffin shell we then also have to purchase handles and other ornaments. We purchase specially manufactured waterproof lining and coffin plate. I had to buy an engraver and tools and pay staff to finish the coffin at a cost of (in excess of) £10 an hour. Please ensure you are in possession of all the facts before you make such sweeping statements.

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the price of...

For me the main issue is that everyone should be informed about their choices as they are often 'steered' towards certain types of coffin/ceremonies and have no idea of what they can do themselves.
We painted a cardboard coffin for my mum last year - it looked great and was inexpensive and we felt happy we could have done that for her (she would have loved it-waves,beach huts - with messages in them,glittering sand,b;ue sky,rainbow)But thats not what everyone wants.
People spend hundreds of pounds on a weekend trip abroad - over very quickly but thats their choice,eating a very expensive meal - over and done with very quickly!!!and so on....

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Coffins don't have to be expensive

Coffins don't have to be expensive. Shop around. Have a look on-line before you go and see your funeral director. In fact shop around for a good funeral director. Their costs can vary by £1000 ! I'm a funeral director and I encourage ringing round for estimates and to see who you like.
You can also buy coffins on-line if the funeral director is over charging.
Or you can even make your own.

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Coffin prices

Some funeral directors do over charge for coffins in my opinion. You can shop around and buy one on-line though.

Or sometimes people make their own coffin. It's fairly simple if someone has joinery skills.

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