My Fear of Death

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My Fear of Death

My fear of death is overly drastic like a lot of people, but i do think about it enough to make me ask for help and "thought guidance" on here. I have this fear of death where, im scared about the future. Everyone talks about "try to enjoy your life", "try to think positive" "try this, and try that" and, well for me, those things are inevitable, i do try to enjoy my life as best i can and i am a very happy person generally speaking. the one that annoys me, and is the basis for me "fear" (which is more of a concern than anything), is when people say "don't worry because when you die you will go somewhere beautiful and better than life itself". why im concerned about death is how do people know this will happen? death is such a mystery it freaks me out. The fact that for the last billions of years i have been nothing, only a spec of dust in the middle of space, and what happens next? if i have no recollection of what my "soul" or mind was doing for billions of years, than i can assume for the next billions, trillions of years ill be nothing again? I think, what truly scares me, what truly freaks me out, is the thought of having no recollection, no possible way to stay "human" when i die. the thought of not being able to think or see or hear or remember scares me? how am i supposed to think about my self or think about my life so that i don't think about this? im sure that over the course of my life i will get over it, but the thought will always stay with me?

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