Mortality Awareness effects on day-to day behaviours

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Mortality Awareness effects on day-to day behaviours

Need participants for mortality awareness survey! Hello, As part of my BSc in Psychology at University of East London, I am currently carrying out my 3rd year research project. The project seeks to examine people’s awareness of their own mortality and how this informs their day to day life. Awareness of life’s beginning and ending is an issue which arguably informs our behaviour. In this study we are seeing how such an awareness is related to other aspects of our psychological make-up. Please click on the link below if you consent to take part in this study and you will be directed to the online questionnaire (it takes around 30 minutes) where you can read more detailed information about the study. Furthermore, you will get a confirmation email for those who need to show evidence of their participation in research for their course. You can contact me directly via email if you would like more detailed information about the study or if you have any questions about taking part. Thank you for considering taking part in this research project. Oona

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Embracing the Death Dying Experience without fear

After coming across your site about death and dying, I felt that my latest book entitled 'A Death Worth Living For' Embracing the death dying process without fear might be of interest to your readers. The book discusses the thoughts views and perspectives from ordinary members of the public around this highly controversial yet perfectly natural event in life. The foreword to the book has been contributed by Geshe Lama Ahbay Tulku Rinpoche a highly revered Tibetan monk and 3rd in line to HH The Dalai Lama. What makes the book unique is that it also allows the space for readers to jot down some of their thoughts and perspectives as they go along reading.
The book is available on Amazon in both paperback & kindle editions.
Best wishes Julie

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