Lost and bewildered

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Lost and bewildered

My husband of 25 years is receiving end of life care in Bristol. We separated Three years ago just before our 25th wedding anniversary and have remained very close. I have travelled over 180 miles with my 22 year old son So we can be with him at the end. He met someone 18 months ago , they Became friends when she met him at a support group, she is a lovely Lady and obviously cares greatly for my husband however she Lives 20 mins from the hospice but refuses to oh home at night which means I am sleeping in the car in the car park of the hospice as only 2 people can stay overnight I cannot afford to stay in hotel. I am a Christian person but Struggling with how someone can see another person sleep alone in a car. My son Has offered to change with me but he needs to be with his dad to ensure That his memories are positive ones. Sorry about the rant but no one Else to say this to.

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