Introduction of safety training

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Introduction of safety training

Safety training should be compulsory in organisations, workers should be trained to work safely. There should be proper awareness on safety and they should recognise and identify the various hazards at work. Employers should take the responsibility to provide safety training to all their employees. All workers must receive the safety training to work safely and avert danger. IOSH provides safety training such as working safely and managing safely. Safety training reduces the number of accidents caused as well as prevents injuries to the workers. Workers become cautious and alert about the various hazards and risks involved. Workers should be introduced to handling various equipments and avoid accidents while handling it. Safety instructions should be conveyed to all the workers. The employers should ensure that the organisations adhere to OSHA standards. They should follow the guidelines of OSHA to maintain safety at work. Safety training introduces a safety culture within the organisation. It promotes safety in the organisation and is intended for the welfare of the workers in the organisation. Safety training should be introduced to the new workers also. Safety training is the prerequisite on safety in any organisation. Industries with risk factors should be identified and safety training should be confirmed for all the workers. These training should be prioritised in such hazardous industries. Employers should not delay the training for incidents to occur, the training should be provided to the workers as they join the work.

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