Funeral songs and readings that have moved you

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Funeral songs and readings that have moved you

Funerals are naturally very emotional, but they don't always have to be sombre. Sometimes a song, piece of music or reading chosen can help those present recall happy times spent with the person who has died, perhaps they were writte by their favourite band or author. 'Who knows where the time goes' by Fairport Convention was played at a funeral I attended. Although it is perhaps wistful, it discusses the inevitable passing of time and was special to the friend who had died, so it helped us to remember them. Have any such songs or readings moved you?

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incongruous - but it worked!

Went to the funeral of a friend who'd grown up in the 80s and was a huge fan of the music of the era. As she had been particularly enamoured with Spandau Ballet, I knew her sister would choose one of their songs for her funeral and assumed it would be a ballady one - well, actually, I just knew it would be 'True'. I was quite surprised, therefore, when the up-tempo 'Gold' came blasting out of the church speakers. My instant thought was that it was utterly incongruous in a funeral setting, but then the lyrics started to seep through - 'Always believe in your soul, you've got the power to know you're indestructible, always believe in, because you are Gold' - etc. For my 80s-loving and lovely friend, it was perfect.

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My father was ex-army, so his coffin was born into the service, by his sons, to the strains of his regimental slow march, and the curtains closed to the last post, a minute's silence, then revellie.

The last post is one of those pieces of music, that always sends a shiver down my spine.

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RE: Funeral songs and readings that have moved you

My mum went to a funeral where the entertainer was played. She said it was pretty weird, like being at some odd carnival not a funeral. but apparently the guy really wanted it played. I sometimes wonder if my mum has made this up.


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