Funeral costs up 71% since 2004

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Funeral costs up 71% since 2004

The cost of a funeral has risen by 71% since 2004, and 6% in the last year alone, according to the annual Cost of Dying report by insurer Sun Life Direct. The basic cost of a funeral is now £3,284, a rise of £193 from last year. Have you been hit by funeral fees? Perhaps you have already paid for your funeral to save your family from the expense? Please share your views.

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keeping costs down

I always recommend that people ring a few different funeral directors to compare prices. They can vary by £1000 in my experience. If you've just had a bereavement maybe ask a friend to do it for you. The funeral companies should give you an itemised estimate.
Also some people can get a bit of financial help. If the persn arranging the funeral is on certain benefits then they might get some financial help. If you're husband, wife or civil partner has died and was below pension age and had paid at least a years NI contributions then you may get the bereavement payment.

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Latest Funeral Costs

Just to update this thread the latest average cost of a funeral in the UK is £3,590, it didn't increase by as much as it has in previous years, but the average increase over the last 10 years is still 5.85% which is over 3 times RPI.
Shopping around for funeral prices isn't something that most people do when the time comes, but more and more people are pre-planning and purchasing a prepaid plan in advance, which aside from the financial savings will save the family a huge amount of emotional stress as all their wishes will be in place.
If are looking to do this either for yourself or your loved ones there are a few companies offering these plans, such as, Coop, Golden Charter, Dignity and a few others, just make sure that your choose a Funeral Planning Authority member as recommended by the Money Advice Service.
Prepaid funeral plans haven't found there way onto the mainstream comparison sites yet, but there a few smaller ones making researching and comparing much easier.
It's not something a lot of people are comfortable with, but they also have a great sense of relief and peace of mind once they have put plans in place.

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