Driver's licences and organ donation

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Driver's licences and organ donation

You might have seen that anyone applying for a new or replacement driver's licence will be required to answer a question about becoming an organ donation (even though one of the options is "I'll answer later"). Here's the BBC story: I'm definitely in favour of this - I've never taken a driving lesson in my life, but even reading the stories about it has reminded me that I should get a donor card. I found the statistic in the story shocking - nine tenths of people would happily be a donor, but less than a third are. What else do you think people need a "nudge" towards in thinking about the future?

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Excellent idea

I think it's an excellent idea, Joe. Can't see a downside. The knowledge that we've signed up to organ donation when applying for our licence might even keep thoughts of our vulnerability, and that of other road users, more prominent in our minds when driving, leading to less accidents.

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Organ Donors

at the funeral of a 27 year old man who had died in an accident his parents told me that he had saved 3 lives by being an organ donor - and we handed out organ donor leaflets to all who attended the service - it is such a hard job to get people to agree to give organs that my view is that it should be operated on an OPT OUT basis rather than OPT IN - which would help us all considerably - so the driving licence, passport, Supermarket Reward card - all of them!

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Organ donation.

Some time ago I was in Australia. I was watching the television when a report came on about the anniversary of a young boy's death. He was a teenager and knew he was going to die and had asked for all of his organs to be donated to those who needed them. I seem to recall this involved about six different people.

Now, on the anniversary of the death, each year, each of the recipients meet the parents of the boy for a party to give thanks for the organ which they received which has either saved or improved their lives. It was reported that it was the only time that the parents felt they still had the essence of the boy they had lost. All of the recipients felt like children to the parents.

It was profoundly moving and has made me sign up to donate anything and everything I can.

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While I am registered as an

While I am registered as an organ donor, I still feel it is wrong that there is no proper opt-out.

Being an organ donor is a choice, and you should equally have the choice to say no, you don't want to be a donor.

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