A Christmas Appeal that wont cost you a penny xxxxxx

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A Christmas Appeal that wont cost you a penny xxxxxx

CHRISTMAS APPEAL As you all know I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s four years ago, and only a matter of weeks ago i was re-diagnosed with Lewy Body`s Type dementia, did you know Lewy Body Disease is the second most common form of dementia in older people, and yet it gets very little publicity even though its the second largest type of Dementia Known!!! Tomorrow, over the weekend, leading up to Monday and onwards i will be starting a Christmas/ New year campaign to highlight this almost forgotton and misunderstood type of dementia. I will post tomorrow , please, i know i have asked a lot this year but could you please help me with this over the coming weeks. If you put in Lewy Body`s Society, http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Lewy-Body-Society/111252483728?sk=wall you will see the membership at the moment stands at about 1.350+ Please help me to get it to 2,000 plus before the New year or shortly after, Just visit the page and click on "LIKE” and then share with everybody you know, best of all, it won`t cost you a penny !!! Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxx REMEMBER A CURE MAY ONLY BE A CLICK AWAY

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