Can you help get Chris back on her feet?

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Can you help get Chris back on her feet?

I lost my dad to motor neuron disease and cancer six years ago now and still miss him dearly. Since his passing I feel like the light has gone out of my life. I've had grief counselling but still feel really lonely. It doesn't help that I'm not close to my mum or my sister. I'm 35 and feel that life is pretty much joyless. The only things that I really do invest in are work and spending time with my husband. I left a lot of friends behind after my dad died - they didn't really want me to talk about it - and I just felt that what's the point of having friends like that. I would like to make new friends but have found it difficult to know where to start. I really need help with how to pull myself out of this. I know that I'm young and have the rest of my life ahead of me but I seem to be stuck. Please help.... Chris

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helping Chris

Hello Chris
I want to respond to your message; although I am not in the same position as you I was sad to see that apparently there were no comments made - yet. So here I am simply saying that you are not alone in going through this missing of someone. I will die sometime of course and I have made it abundantly clear to my family that when I do they must not at all costs ever say "I've lost my Dad" or " my husband went last year" or " he's gone now". Because I am absolutely convinced that I am 'going;' nowhere. In fact (and this is my spirituality kicking in) I believe that I'll be 'coming' rather ythan 'going' and that I'll be closer to my family even than breathing after I have (new phrase here) moved on to he second phase of life.
Thinking of you in your struggles. As they say in NE Scotland "keep on keeping on".....not trite, just true - battle through it and you will get through it in time and the missing will hopefully be transformed into a deeper knowing of your dad's presence with you in ways that can only be described as a mystery.
Go well.

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