Can death ever be funny?

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Can death ever be funny?

Death is a serious subject but it affects us all in different ways, and some people use humour to cope. John Cleese famously gave a funny eulogy at the funeral of his friend, fellow-Python Graham Chapman. Dying Matters has produced a film, Dying for a Laugh, in which comedians talk - and joke - about dying and death: Is humour an important part of acceptance, grieving and remembrance? Would a dead friend or relative prefer you to remember them with a tear or a twinkle in your eye?

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Mel Brooks famously had an

Mel Brooks famously had an interesting view of things: "Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die."

I think humour is certainly an important part of dying. Of course, everyone has a different idea of what's appropriate - it's always important to be sensitive. I know though that in my family, the things we most often remember about those close to us who have died were the things that made us laugh, and still do.

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It's me talking btw.

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humour in palliative care

I am a specialist palliative care community nurse about to undertake my major project dissertation for my BSc in palliative care. I have chosen to write about humour and laughter in medicene- particularly focusing on palliative care and bereavement. If anyone out there has anything that may help please contact me at Many thanks

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My mate used to be a Funeral Director.

He told me he'd been at several funerals, where the friends and family stood up and told amusing stories, about the deceased.

He said it seemed odd to hear people laughing at a funeral, but it was what the family and friends wanted, so who is to judge?

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RE: Can death ever be funny?

Death isn’t funny. Or cool. Or entertaining. Or compelling.
I think most everyone has at least one day of loss in their lives. I’ve been blessed with not having to experience much yet. I know it’s coming. I try to make sure that I celebrate always. I talk to my parents daily, and see them as often as I can. I don’t ever want to look back and say that “I should have…
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