The Wonders of the Wake - Kevin Toolis

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10 October 2019
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South Central
Contact Name: Deb Wilkes,
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The Square Tower

This is a unique celebration of one of the oldest rites of humanity, the Irish Wake.
From his beautifully written memoir My Fathers Wake: How the Irish Teach Us to Live, Love and Die writer,Kevin shares the secrets of this ancient Irish ritual and through story telling and bardic poetry celebrates the life-affirming wonders of the Irish Wake.
From the Neolithic graves of the Atlantic seaboard, to the plains of Troy and Homer’s Iliad, to yesterday’s funeral, the Irish Wake still teaches us all how to live, love and die. Our ancestors found the courage to face death together but we die alone. What are the hidden rules for life, love and grief that the Irish wake still has to teach us all about living and dying well?
Kevin Toolis an author & BAFTA winning filmmaker an.

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