Supervising practitioners working with bereaved families

Event Details

18 April 2018
Event Region:
North West
Contact Name: Kirsty Wood, Marketing Coordinator
Phone number:
01494 568911
Slater Gordon offices, 58 Mosely Street
M2 3HZ

Learning outcomes

  • provide supervisors with an opportunity to reflect on their experiences of supervising bereavement practitioners
  • reflect on the differences between a bereavement practitioner and supervising bereavement work
  • think about what a bereavement practitioner needs from supervision
  • think about the differences between inexperienced and experienced bereavement practitioners and the challenges for the supervisor
  • think about how the supervisor can provide professional, objective, challenging supervision while also recognising the emotional impact of bereavement work on the practitioner and helping them to maintain resilience
  • awareness and strategies for the supervisee and supervisor maintaining objectivity
  • identifying when a practitioner may need additional support.

Who should attend?
Suitable for anyone who is currently providing supervision in a bereavement setting or for anyone who is considering taking on this role.

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