Spiritual Will Workshop

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28 July 2021
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Contact Name: Cherry Williams, Content Chief
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Leave an ongoing legacy with your loved ones by passing on elements of your story, your beliefs, your spirit, and your soul.

Engaging with death and dying on a personal level is good for your wellbeing and recognises your unique and individual qualities.

Consider your mortality from another angle, we are so much more than the physical possessions we leave behind.

When you sign up to this 1-hour workshop, you will be posted a copy of our Spiritual Wills booklet consisting of different ways we can leave a lasting legacy. Throughout the workshop we will introduce you to the idea of a spiritual will and then work through a few pages together.

The pages will cover a range of subjects such as significant moments and things to share and pass on.

huunuu provides products and tools to aid conversations and build confidence around the subject of death, dying and legacy.

huunuu’s Spiritual Will is an A5 booklet and is the perfect place to record and share your legacy.

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