Santa Muerte-a-thon 2021

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8 March 2021 to 7 March 2022
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Contact Name: writeously immortal, founder/teacher
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As a Black elder ordained minister/Santa Muertero/certified Reiki master - teacher/Yoruba Spiritualist/Santa Muerte Crystal Skulls Keeper based in Canada, and working remotely globally. Welcoming you to the 'Santa Muerte-a-thon 2021'. Developing/offering the world's greatest motivation to live our best/holiest life assuring our best/holiest death intentionally daily for 365 days (especially out of respect for all MMIWG and BIPOC women's lives needlessly lost and without justice), Starting on March 8 2021 International Women's Day. As Santa Muerte is the world's most popular folk saint (patron to the oppressed/misrepresented/marginalized) offering greatest motivation via inspirational books/words/deeds thanks to and with the launching, the up and coming, certified/enhanced Usui Reiki for healing/protection via Starting March 8 2021 International Women's Day and daily for the next 365 days aligning with the best of the best, welcoming collaborations of like-minded/like-heartedness, to establish/evolve the most powerful collaborative efforts on the planet, is the goal of Santa Muerte-a-thon 2021

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