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12 April 2021 to 17 May 2021
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West Midlands
Contact Name: Chantal Meystre, Director
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The Omega Course  gives you the opportunity to discuss death and dying in a friendly and safe atmosphere, and goodness knows we could all do with that this year.

By talking and learning together The Omega Course dispels the taboo around dying and gives skills to be better friends, relatives and neighbours.  We focus on how to live our remaining life to the full and how to ensure our wishes are known, especially after losing the capacity to speak for ourselves. 

Do you get tongue tied with a dying friend?  We’ll help with tips and techniques so you can remain a good friend to them. We look at best ways to help the bereaved.

Doing the Omega Course develops confidence in talking and planning for death, talking to friends and neighbours about it, and reducing fear of dying.  We proved that with a research evaluation by Warwick University Medical School. 

The Omega Course Online goes live from 12th March 2021. The other dates are 19th and 26th April,  10th and 17th May  7.30-9.30pm.  

We use Zoom with clear joining instructions. The meeting will open at 7:15pm giving time to sort technical issues and meet other people.

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