Next steps for professional healthcare regulation

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21 June 2018
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Contact Name: Chloe Smyth, Delegate Marketing Administrator
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This seminar will be an opportunity to discuss the next steps for professional healthcare regulation in the UK.

Following the Department of Health and Social Care’s consultation Promoting professionalism, reforming regulation, which seeks to reduce the number of professional healthcare regulators, delegates will assess the potential challenges for implementing a new regulatory system and the opportunities for improving efficiency, professionalism and patient safety.

They will also consider the developing role of the Professional Standards Authority, as it evolves to reflect changes in professional regulation - as well as further key issues around revalidation, training and education.

Further sessions discuss ways forward for supporting the development of a more flexible and responsive workforce, for encouraging joint working, and for improving collaboration with employers and education providers.

Attendees will also discuss the future for the regulation of Medical Associate Professions, in light of the Department of Health and Social Care’s consultation on this topic, and the Government’s commitment to recruit 1,000 physician associates to general practice by 2020.

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