My Wishes, My Way - workshop

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8 May 2017
Event Region:
South Central
Contact Name: Judith Dandy, Funeral Director
Phone number:
01403 701001
Women's Hall, High Street
RH14 9QT
Event website:

We’d like to invite you to join us in 'the big conversation'.  It's free.  It's informal.  But it's a chance to find out more about some of the many different options available and some of the choices you have. 
When someone is dying or dies, there's a lot to consider.  It's then that you realise that knowing what kind of death and funeral someone wants really matters.  It can save disagreements, unexpected costs and bring a sense of peace that your loved one's life ended the way they would want.
Talking about death and bereavement probably isn't your idea of a good conversation.  But not talking to your loved ones about what you want or they would choose can have devastating results.  
Do you know what sort of death your loved one wants or what sort of funeral they would like?  Do you know what different funeral options are available?  Have you made known your wishes?
The ‘My Wishes, My Way’ workshop aims to enable and encourage you to make a few notes, to leave some helpful information for your families. By learning about what is possible, and maybe even planning ahead, not only can you save your family the worry of trying to second-guess what you would have wanted, you could also put your stamp on your last celebration, ensuring that it reflects what is important to you.

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