Introduction to Soul Midwifery & Yoga Nidra Session

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27 February 2021
Event Region:
West Midlands
Contact Name: Jude Meryl, Administrator
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Are you caring for someone at end of life? Do you have questions about how Soul Midwifery and its gentle therapies might help you at end of life?

Please join Soul Midwife Irene Wychrij for an experience of the deep relaxation that Yoga Nidra can give you, and her colleague Soul Midwife Janice Dent as she talks about gentle Soul Midwifery therapies for those at end of life.

Here's what Irene says about Yoga Nidra:

'Yoga Nidra is a mind body therapy in which we consciously take our awareness to different parts of the body and soften and relax them. It is simply described as effortless relaxation. Yoga Nidra can be very effective in helping to relieve daily stress: when our body feels more at ease and less tense, our mind begins to slow down, as do our responses and reactions to our thoughts and emotions. This all helps us to feel less stressful. 

The body and the mind work together, not separately: when the body feels more at ease, the mind will also feel more peaceful.'


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