Griefwork and Ritual

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9 December 2017
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Contact Name: Awen Clement,
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The Nurture Centre
SA17 3AL

Griefwork and Ritual (Radical re-imagining of what we think we know about Grief, includes a Grief Ceremony and introduction to keening)


This one day workshop is an opportunity to sit and be with your own grief. There will be a gentle introduction in the morning into the different ways we can perceive grief; and you will be given opportunity to practice skills for being both with your own grief and also with bereft people. The afternoon will contain a 2.5 hour long grief ritual and ceremony plus an introduction to keening (the art and shamanic act of communal grieving and lamenting). By the end of the day hopefully you will leave with more peace and spaciousness within having released emotion and have some useful tools in your toolbox for being with, working with, people in grief.


Workshop days are £60 per person. If attended Song, Sound and Silence on Dec 10th, cost is £100 for both.

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