New GP charter for end of life care

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New GP charter for end of life care

What's your opinion on today's news that GPs and nurses will pledge to stick to a new seven-point patient charter for those in the final days of their lives? Are these pledges that can be honoured? Read the charter here:

Bridget Fiennes
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A start

I think it's a great start but it my concerns are whether it is realistic to expect time-strapped GP staff to adhere to it. Also, aren't there issues around GPs even being able to identify those who are likely to die within a shot period of time. And, if they do identify them, it goes against everything they stand for to stop trying to cure and accept that they can't, thereby allowing themselves to embrace this charter. If they're still trying to cure, they won't be able to stick to it. By the way, the charter is on this site too:

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patients charter

Great idea!! the moment,quite a few patients are being asked about their wishes,they are discussed,and documented, but often they dont happen.

ie patient who wants to be cared for/die at home.(which may be documented on GP computer/nurses notes/hospice notes/hospital notes,but may not be noted anywhere!)

No Marie Curie nurses available to cover any nights,unable to get Continuing Health Care funding as the patients 'doesn't fit the criteria' even if they are actually dying,no District nurse on duty overnight so may need to wait several hours before an Out of Hours GP turns up (who may or may not be any help),no injections in the house so time wasted going to get any necessary ie painkillers/sedatives,someone phoning 999 and ,despite an Out of Hours form having been sent to the OOHrs service,and them sharing it with the ambulance service,and their being a DNACPR form in th e house - when they arrive there they attempt resuscitation and the patient may then end up in hospital(dead or alive) with all the trauma that goes with it.
And some GPs paying lipservice to the Gold Standard Framework,ticking boxes to make sure they get the money for it!
Until we get a these few basics in place then there is no point in having a charter.
Communication between services being the main one.
When it works,it works very very well.There are some brilliant teams out there who work together.

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