The changing face of funerals

24 June 2015

Emily McClarenEmily McLaren runs her own travel and fitness blog, While carrying out research into how businesses use crowdfunding recently, she became aware of a growing trend in people using crowdfunding to help finance their loved ones' funerals.

Funeral stationers Love In Print support Dying Matters

27 April 2015

Louise Ryder is a partner in Love in Print, which has been creating bespoke stationery for funerals for more than 20 years. A designer by background, Louise began working on funeral stationery designs after her mother, a funeral director, complained about the lack of choice available.

Not everything needs to be heard to be understood

3 September 2013

Beth Lloyd-WilliamsShe may be a self-proclaimed "born and bred Essex girl", but Beth Lloyd-Williams' father hails from North Wales and his first language is Welsh. Beth, pictured right, project officer for Dying Matters and the National Council for Palliative Care, shares her experience of attending family funerals conducted entirely in Cymraeg, and how this wasn't the barrier to engagement it might have been. 

Dad died without a will - and mum and I paid the price

13 March 2013

My name is Kate, I’m 25 years old and I have a will and a funeral plan.

Kate with her mother and fatherI might seem rather young to be worrying about such things, but I have learnt the hard way that wills really do matter and not having one can leave your family in the lurch. 

End of life care plans provide relief and healing

5 April 2016

As professionals we always think of advance care planning as providing choice and control to patients while enabling us to deliver the best care at the end of life. The reality of working with someone on their advance care plan shows that the impact is even greater, writes Mireille Hayden, Senior Partner at Gentle Dusk

Why I'm fighting funeral poverty

9 June 2015

A image of a decased man at his funeralHeather Kennedy works for anti-poverty charity Quaker Social Action (QSA) on their Fair Funerals campaign. She believes that bereaved people on low incomes have been forgotten for too long, saying: "If the government and the funeral industry are going to tackle funeral poverty, it will be because we have asked them to."

Offering a funeral service with a difference

9 June 2014

Phil SpicksleyFollowing retirement from Humberside police, where he led a team investigating suspicious deaths, Philip Spicksley retrained as an independent funeral celebrant. Now President of the Association of Independent Celebrants, Phil discusses how his experience of investigating suspicious deaths gave him a unique insight into what those left behind wanted. 

The importance of funeral photography

11 October 2012

Rachel WallaceFuneral photographer Rachel Wallace, who appeared on BBC2's 'Dead Good Job' recently, talks about what inspired her to take up her work, and how it feels to occasionally be met with "shock and revulsion".

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