Raising death awareness in Bournemouth

16 March 2015

Dying to KnowSoul midwife and artist Antonia Rolls is one of the organisers of Dying to Know, an ambitious one-day event in Bournemouth later this month which takes dying and death as its focus. She tells us what attendees can expect. 

Coalition members support bereaved people at Christmas

28 January 2015

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!" So the song goes. But the festive season can be anything but festive for someone who has suffered a close bereavement, whether it occurred recently or years ago.  For many, their loved one's absence is felt more keenly when the rest of the world appears to be celebrating in merry oblivion. 

#BereavedAtXmas - Tony and Dorothy's experience

28 January 2015

Dying Matters and end of life care champions Tony and Dorothy Bonser spent Christmas at home for the first time since their son, Neil, died six years ago. Tony describes the experience, and how #BereavedAtXmas helped. 

#BereavedAtXmas - Kate's experience

28 January 2015

Kate Ibbeson, founder of the support group Sheffield Cancer Mafia, blogs about how the #BereavedAtXmas initiative came about and the varied range of people who linked in to support it.

Supporting bereaved people at Christmas

10 December 2014

A sad woman in front of a Christmas treeKate Ibbeson lost both her mum and dad to cancer within just ten months. Since their deaths, Kate, from Walkley, Sheffield, has set up Sheffield Cancer Mafia, an informal support group that aims to bring together people with cancer, cancer survivors, carers, family, friends and those who have lost a loved one.

Using puppets to prompt death discussions

15 October 2014

Karin with one of her creationsKarin Jashapara (pictured left with one of her creations) is the founder of the Play of Light theatre company, which presents two shadow puppet plays aimed at encouraging dialogue about death at the Kicking the Bucket festival in Oxfordshire this October. She tells Dying Matters how losing both her parents within two years has shaped her work.

Starting the death conversation

13 October 2014

The Conversations Project, run by Antonia Rolls and Gail Willington

“Conversations about the End of Life, Finding Time to Think in our Busy World.” Blog by Antonia Rolls, pictured. 


How to create a Before I Die board

7 April 2016

Before I Die is a project started by artist Candy Chang on an abandoned house in New Orleans following her own experience of bereavement, writes Maggie Fay, Practice Educator at LOROS Hospice in Leicester. 

A typical Before I Die Board

End of life care plans provide relief and healing

5 April 2016

As professionals we always think of advance care planning as providing choice and control to patients while enabling us to deliver the best care at the end of life. The reality of working with someone on their advance care plan shows that the impact is even greater, writes Mireille Hayden, Senior Partner at Gentle Dusk


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