Bernard Crettaz

Tea and mortality; the rise of Death Cafés

12 February 2013

They may not be giving Costa Coffee a run for its money just yet, but Death Cafés are a rapidly growing trend worldwide.Sophie Marsden

Bournemouth University Journalism student Sophie Marsden, left, who is currently working on a multi-media project exploring society's changing attitude towards death, shares her experience of attending and filming a Death Café in London - the first time one has been filmed. 

Real Death Cafe to launch in London

20 October 2015

Jon Underwood is the founder of Death Cafe, a fast-growing movement which sees people gathering to eat, drink and discuss death. Influenced by the work of Swiss sociologist Bernard Crettaz, the goal of Death Cafe is to create a safe environment where people feel comfortable talking about the one common fate awaiting us all.  What started in Jon’s basement has swiftly grown into an international phenomenon, with numerous events worldwide.

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