Using my own loss to help others

15 January 2014

Maureen and her sonAustralian author Maureen Meredith gathered together her experience of losing loved ones, most significantly her son, to write her book 'Onwards and Upwards – Strategies for Grieving and Supporting'.

How to talk to children about death

18 February 2015

The Copper Tree jacketHilary Robinson is the author of more than 40 books for young children. Her book, The Copper Tree, was the first of a series of picture-books tackling challenging social issues such as prejudice, adoption and bereavement.

"...and bring someone with you"

23 September 2013

In September 2012, David Fitzgerald's father died in hospital after a heart attack. His death was sudden and unexpected. In the time following, David experienced intense grief, leading to dark times and family difficulties. Writing on the first anniversary of his father's death, David shares his experience of how he and his family have been coping with bereavement.

I should have been told mum had died

14 November 2011

Sarah was nine when her mother died. Immediately shipped off to family and friends, she wasn't told what had happened until after the funeral. Now aged 50 with two adult children of her own, she talks about the life-long impact this has had on her.  

Dying and death are very personal matters and as such this is a difficult piece to write, but as I firmly believe that sharing these experiences can help others I am going to give it a go.


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