Leaving loved ones the gift of a lifetime

4 May 2016

Seb Royce and John Gilbey are the co-founders of Kindeo, a service that lets users record their memories in one place to create a permanent digital record of their life which can be shared with loved ones for years to come.

Finding hope after Sandy Hook

29 September 2015

On 14 December 2012, Scarlett Lewis' son Jesse, six, was shot dead alongside 19 other six and seven-year-old children and six teaching staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Connecticut. They were murdered by 20-year-old Adam Lanza, a deeply troubled and mentally ill young man who was obsessed with mass murders. 

Somehow, Scarlett has managed to turn her huge burden of grief into something positive, setting up a charity in her son's name.

Funeral stationers Love In Print support Dying Matters

27 April 2015

Louise Ryder is a partner in Love in Print, which has been creating bespoke stationery for funerals for more than 20 years. A designer by background, Louise began working on funeral stationery designs after her mother, a funeral director, complained about the lack of choice available.

#BereavedAtXmas - Tony and Dorothy's experience

28 January 2015

Dying Matters and end of life care champions Tony and Dorothy Bonser spent Christmas at home for the first time since their son, Neil, died six years ago. Tony describes the experience, and how #BereavedAtXmas helped. 

#BereavedAtXmas - Kate's experience

28 January 2015

Kate Ibbeson, founder of the support group Sheffield Cancer Mafia, blogs about how the #BereavedAtXmas initiative came about and the varied range of people who linked in to support it.

Supporting bereaved people at Christmas

10 December 2014

A sad woman in front of a Christmas treeKate Ibbeson lost both her mum and dad to cancer within just ten months. Since their deaths, Kate, from Walkley, Sheffield, has set up Sheffield Cancer Mafia, an informal support group that aims to bring together people with cancer, cancer survivors, carers, family, friends and those who have lost a loved one.

Just hours before his sudden death, my fiancé shared his last wishes

11 November 2014

When Cherri's fiancé Bryan died suddenly, she went from planning a wedding to planning a funeral. But remarkably, Bryan had discussed his end of life wishes with her the evening before he died, so Cherri knew what plans to make. She shares her story. 


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