A Graceful Death

The Elephant in the Room

23 October 2014

The Elephant in the Room is a four-day event in Wales aimed at informing, engaging and inspiring the public on all aspects of end of life, writes Antonia Rolls. 

Death and dying is not an easy subject to consider. Finding a way to talk about these subjects with those we need to is often difficult; even alarming. Death is often considered the elephant in the room.

Starting the death conversation

13 October 2014

The Conversations Project, run by Antonia Rolls and Gail Willington

“Conversations about the End of Life, Finding Time to Think in our Busy World.” Blog by Antonia Rolls, pictured. 


A Graceful Death: the art of dying

7 May 2014

A Graceful Death is a powerful exhibition by Antonia Rolls which uses portraits, poems, interviews, film and music inspired by people who are dying to prompt conversations about the end of life. Kate Granger, a terminally ill doctor and writer who on Monday gives the Dying Matters lecture, is one of the subjects (right). Antonia tells Dying Matters how her own devastating loss inspired the exhibition.

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