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A Compassionate Country – A Charter For Wales

13 July 2020
A Compassionate Country – A Charter For Wales
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Something or nothing? – What to say and not say to someone who is grieving.

12 May 2020
What’s the worst thing to say to someone who has recently been bereaved? According to poll we commissioned from Savanta ComRes, 72% of people bereaved in the last five years would rather someone said something – even the wrong thing – than nothing at all. Moreover, 62% said that having someone willing to listen to them was one of the three most helpful things they encountered in their grief. 

Wills in a time of coronavirus

29 April 2020

Solicitor and Dying Matters Advisory Group chair Gary Rycroft looks at how COVD-19 is (and isn't) changing wills and probate

Supporting all those working in the Frontline

22 April 2020


It is clearer today than it has ever been just how much we all rely on frontline staff across a wide range of organisations. While many of us are staying home to reduce the spead of COVID-19 and avoid overloading the NHS, any others are seetting out each day to do essental jobs. 

Thank you!

20 May 2019

Dying Matters Awareness Week is over for another year, although there are still events happening for the rest of the month and over the summer - click here for details. On behalf of all of the Dying Matters team here at Hospice UK, let me say a big thank you to everybody who has been involved this year. We had 426 events registered this year, and each one of those represent the time, energy and creativity of a number of people. You make Dying Matters Awareness Week happen, and our thanks go to every single one of you. 

A new book challenges us (and helps us) to sort out our end of life plans

18 September 2018
Before I Go is a new book from Jane Duncan Rogers. Here she explains how it came about, and at the end you can download a free extract from the book. 

Welcome for a Compassionate Country - Datganiad i'r Wasg ar ran Byw Nawr gan y Cadeirydd Dr Hywel Francis

2 July 2018

Vaughan Gething, AM (left), Prof. Hywel Francis (right) 

Welsh Health Minister Vaughan Gething’s ambition to designate Wales as a Compassionate Country has been warmly welcomed by Byw Nawr, the end of life care coalition in Wales.

Professor Hywel Francis, chair of Byw Nawr, said:

“We will enthusiastically work with Welsh Government to achieve Vaughan Gething’s ambition for a Compassionate Country.

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Planning ahead can bring peace of mind

12 June 2018
Few of us like to think that a time may come when we are no longer able to manage our own affairs or make decisions about how we live our lives.
Yet planning ahead for such an eventuality can bring peace of mind – to ourselves, our family and our friends.

Weddings and Wills

18 May 2018

Much has been made of the clash between the wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle with the FA Cup Final on Saturday 19th May, but to date the juxtaposition with Dying Matters Awareness Week has been largely overlooked. Which is a shame, as marriage and death are two milestone life events, although they are to be distinguished from each other in that one is optional and sometimes multiple and the other is inevitable and with no second chance available.

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