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Viv - by Anna Holmes. Part One

27 October 2017


‘I believe supporting someone who is dying is the biggest gift we can give a loved one.’ These were the words of a district nurse acknowledging my role with my sister.

Chancellor challenged to #BurytheDebt for grieving families

24 October 2017

One in six families are facing debt and distress after arranging a funeral. Vital government help with basic funeral costs was capped at £700 in 2003, far less than the cost of the most basic funeral.

Murder at the Eisteddfod! / Llofruddiaeth yn yr Eisteddfod!

21 August 2017

Murder and unexplained death was the topic of Byw Nawr’s event on the Welsh Government stand at last week’s National Eisteddfod held at Bodedern in Anglesey.

The Eisteddfod is a major event held entirely through the medium of Welsh in a different location in Wales every year and is primarily dedicated to the Welsh language and culture.

Fitzgerald Fiasco

6 July 2017

My family thought chairs were evil.

At least that is what I concluded as a kid – it was how I rationalised their inability to sit down. Four decades later, whilst my siblings and I faffed around in the kitchen of the old family home, my mum cried as illness forced her to occupy a chair.

Dying Matters from Derby Teaching Hospitals

5 June 2017

Dozens of people across Derby and Derbyshire gathered together to promote the importance of sharing your end of life wishes, for Dying Matters Awareness Week.

Members of the Derbyshire Alliance for End of Life Care joined up for the #Derbysares relay, which saw a banner carrying the end of life wishes of one Derbyshire woman from Treetops Hospice Care, in Risley, to a number of sites around Derby.

Live Life, Accept Death

8 February 2017
By Katie Hetherington
Death, dying, the great unknown is a topic often avoided. We shy away from it and we sweep it under the carpet. But the secret to facing death is in the art of living. 
“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.” – Oscar Wilde  

Salford Art Work for Dying Matters

1 February 2017
The Salford art work created for the Dying Matters campaign is collaborative work and the sessions become a form of healing and commemoration.  The art work is a memorial tapestry where we celebrate the people we love and lost.  

Caring for the Dead

12 December 2016

Hasina Zaman of Compassionate Funerals shares one of her stories of caring for the dead

Nine Useful & Helpful Funeral Etiquette Tips

9 December 2016

Funerals are supposed to be one of the most solemn occasions in offering sympathy to a bereaved family. Though funerals can come as a whirlwind, juggling mourning and organizing an event at the same time while finding time to sleep in between—someone has to do it. If you’re new to funerals and would like to know how this can ready you in the future, check out these nine useful tips.

Lyke Wake Walk

14 October 2016

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of NCPC, a few of our staff and supporters participated in the Lyke Wake Walk, a 40 mile trek across the Yorkshire Moors. 


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