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Online learning about the end of life

12 February 2020
by David Clark, Wellcome Trust Investigator, University of Glasgow

Talking to children about death –some picture books that might help

3 February 2020

by Maggie Jackson

Talking to children about death is not comfortable for any of us at the best of times, there is often a fear that we might upset the child or distress them unduly. Yet when a child is bereaved they too are trying to make sense of the world around them and need to find answers to their questions –however odd or startling their remarks might seem to those around them they may seem.


What Makes the Barrow So Special.

31 January 2020

Before the availability of the modern round barrow, there were two types of options for what to do with cremation ashes. At one end of the spectrum was the traditional churchyard or crematorium, and right at the other was blasting into space or having them tattooed into your skin. For everyone else, the modern Barrow offers a unique alternative. The Barrow is handcrafted from locally sourced stone, individual pieces shaped to fit each and every spot. The three chambers contain niches, nestled into the stone, where urns are placed.


Pride in Aging

13 January 2020
By Lawrie Roberts

It’s time to talk about AtaLoss

2 December 2019
As we begin the run up to Christmas, thoughts and conversation will turn increasingly to those who have died, so what better time to note the one most important facility available to anyone who has been bereaved - the AtaLoss.org signposting website.

Death and Funerals in the Pagan Faith

25 November 2019
by Awen Clement
We all come from the goddess and to her we shall return,
like a drop of rain, flowing to the ocean 
Traditional pagan chant

Not such a merry Christmas

11 November 2019
By John Rainsbury
Sadly my wife and I lost our 6 year old son Will in February this year following a 9 month battle with an aggressive brain tumour. Will was a beautiful, adventurous and “oh so cheeky” little boy, full of life and adventure.

Ambulance Wish Foundation UK

4 November 2019
By Dr Judith Tobin

"If this is over, if this is the end please let me hold you one last time" sung Swedish star Agnes in her hit “One last time”.


What Hallowe'en means to Pagans

31 October 2019
By Stephanie Owens

Hallowe’en, or Samhain (Sao-win) as it is known to Pagans, is the final harvest of the year and Pagan New Year. It is traditionally a time to remember the dead and honour our ancestors. It is when the “veil” between the world of the living and the world of the dead is thinnest and spirits of the dead can reunite with their family and friends. 


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