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Funeral changes during Covid-19 by Mid-England Barrow

29 June 2020
Over the past decade, families have very gradually started to move away from a traditional funeral, (church, crematorium followed by pub, hotel or village hall.) However, since the onset of Covid 19, many many more people have found themselves considering other options as they weren’t able to have the ‘normal’ funeral they planned for.

Burial disputes - who decides?

17 June 2020

This blog post from the team at Hugh James outlines the importance of planning and what will happen should a dispute over burial occurs. 

Aura - a new online platform to help celebrate life and manage death

31 March 2020

A new website is launching to change the way we approach death for the better with features that help facilitate conversations, leave wishes and practical information, provide heartfelt messages and document legacies in a safe, secure space.

Written by Paul Jameson (Founder)

Online learning about the end of life

12 February 2020
by David Clark, Wellcome Trust Investigator, University of Glasgow


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