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Managing grief at Christmas

16 December 2020

Hospice UK's Digital Marketing Officer, Jo Jones, has written this useful article about finding support and managing grief at Christmas. 


Christmas can be a stressful period even at the best of times but coping with a loss at this time of year can really test the strongest of people. The festive season can be one of the most difficult times of the year for those grieving.

Sweep by Tony Collard

20 November 2020
Many years ago my wife and I were owned by a cat called Sweep.   
She had been named by our young daughter.   
Often, whilst sitting in my favourite easy chair at home, Sweep would jump up and lie along the length of my upper right leg – I am quite tall,   With her head on my knee she either slept or watched comings and goings from her vantage point.

3 reasons why you shouldn’t put your grief on hold

3 November 2020
CruseScotland Bereavement Specialist, Audrey Holligan, was inspired to help people who had suffered loss and bereavement, particularly children, after tragically losing her parents and most of her family by the tender age of 12. 

The Empty Bed

18 September 2020

By K.E. 2015


Tickets for the Afterlife – Covid 19 through lockdown and beyond

7 August 2020
by Judith Robinson, Development Librarian, Kirklees Library Service.
All images taken before social distancing measures were put in place. 
Have you heard of Death Positive Libraries? You might wonder what public libraries bring to any work supporting conversations about death, but the Tickets for the Afterlife project demonstrates that public libraries are well placed to provide safe, non-clinical spaces for conversations about death, dying and bereavement. 

Funeral changes during Covid-19 by Mid-England Barrow

29 June 2020
Over the past decade, families have very gradually started to move away from a traditional funeral, (church, crematorium followed by pub, hotel or village hall.) However, since the onset of Covid 19, many many more people have found themselves considering other options as they weren’t able to have the ‘normal’ funeral they planned for.

Burial disputes - who decides?

17 June 2020

This blog post from the team at Hugh James outlines the importance of planning and what will happen should a dispute over burial occurs. 


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