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Raising death awareness in Bournemouth

16 March 2015

Dying to KnowSoul midwife and artist Antonia Rolls is one of the organisers of Dying to Know, an ambitious one-day event in Bournemouth later this month which takes dying and death as its focus. She tells us what attendees can expect. 

Coalition members support bereaved people at Christmas

28 January 2015

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!" So the song goes. But the festive season can be anything but festive for someone who has suffered a close bereavement, whether it occurred recently or years ago.  For many, their loved one's absence is felt more keenly when the rest of the world appears to be celebrating in merry oblivion. 

#BereavedAtXmas - Kate's experience

28 January 2015

Kate Ibbeson, founder of the support group Sheffield Cancer Mafia, blogs about how the #BereavedAtXmas initiative came about and the varied range of people who linked in to support it.

"Unbreakable" sisters take on triathlon in dad's memory

24 July 2014

When their dad, Les, died suddenly in July 2013, just five weeks after being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, the lives of his five children were turned upside down. Les was the keystone of the family: kind, gentle, fun-loving and adored. In the midst of their devastation, three of his children, Claire, Megan and Sarah, decided to do something positive to honour their dad's memory while raising money for Dying Matters' lead charity, the National Council of Palliative Care (NCPC).

2 for 1 tickets to new play 'The Nine O’Clock Slot'

8 April 2014
Annecy Lax, creative producer of the Ice & Fire theatre company, tells us about their latest production, The Nine O'Clock Slot, which she co-wrote. The play pulls together stories about those who die with neither funds nor loved ones to pay for their funeral. 

“When I am gone I don't care what happens to me after I die. Bury me in the garden if you want. As far as I am concerned, when I'm dead just put me outside the council offices.”

Using my own loss to help others

15 January 2014

Maureen and her sonAustralian author Maureen Meredith gathered together her experience of losing loved ones, most significantly her son, to write her book 'Onwards and Upwards – Strategies for Grieving and Supporting'.

Why I'm shaving my head for Dying Matters

17 June 2013

Rachel, pre-head shaveRachel Hawthorn is shaving her head to raise money for a cause she believes in: Dying Matters. In her blog post, Rachel, displaying the hair she'll soon lose, right, shares the reasons behind her gutsy decision.    

Tea and mortality; the rise of Death Cafés

12 February 2013

They may not be giving Costa Coffee a run for its money just yet, but Death Cafés are a rapidly growing trend worldwide.Sophie Marsden

Bournemouth University Journalism student Sophie Marsden, left, who is currently working on a multi-media project exploring society's changing attitude towards death, shares her experience of attending and filming a Death Café in London - the first time one has been filmed. 

Jo Black commits to a feisty old age in Lewisham

31 January 2013

Jo BlackJoanna Black, Dying Matters and National Council for Palliative Care Community Involvement Manager, shares an inspirational morning planning for the future with th

'Putting end of life plans in place took a huge weight off my shoulders'

7 February 2012

My name is Norman McNamara and four years ago at the age of just 50 I was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. Since then, I have dedicated my life to raising awareness of this awful illness. I lost both my father and grandmother to Alzheimer’s, so I realise that unless they find a cure I am dying, it’s as simple as that.


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