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16 Oct 2018
South West
Deepen your understanding of the effects of bereavement by suicide on families, and increase your confidence when communicating with bereaved children and families. This session is suitable for anyone whose work involves supporting those who have experienced this traumatic type of bereavement.
23 Oct 2018
South Central
Full Circle Productions present 'Outside The Box' performed by Liz Rothschild. An event as part of Dead Good Days Southampton 2018 Liz is a performer, celebrant and award winning burial ground owner. Her unique insights and experiences have created a highly original and beautifully cathartic show, combining mercurial tales and miraculous truths, collected over the years from life’s finishing line.
23 Oct 2018
South Central
Dead Good Days Family friendly events, workshops and talks that will inform, intrigue and equip us all, to better deal with Death, Dying and Loss. ​ Death does happen to everyone - our family, colleagues, friends, teachers & of course, ourselves. It is not talked about much, unless it is actually happening, and then, not always. What do you say to someone who is dying? Who should apply for Power of Attorney? How do you find meaning in your life now? What can make anything better when a friend has just died? Allowing people to tell their story is healing.
07 Nov 2018
North East
Explore the impact of the death of a child on a family and build your confidence and skills when communicating with and supporting grieving families. For all those whose work brings them into contact with families grieving the death of their child.
08 Nov 2018
South East Coast
Develop the skills, knowledge, understanding and confidence to support pupils in your school who are experiencing loss and grief. Suitable for anyone who works in a primary or secondary school, including teachers, head teachers, learning mentors, school nurses, other support staff and governors.
14 Nov 2018
South East Coast
Enhance your understanding of grieving children and young people, whilst building your confidence in communicating with them. This day is for all professionals who come into contact with bereaved children and young people in the course of their work, whether in the statutory or voluntary sector.
15 Nov 2018
North West
Recognising that we live and work in a multi-cultural and diverse society, this conference is aimed at promoting and raising awareness when providing bereavement support. This conference will hear from experts in their field, sharing current research, statistics and evidence-based practice, with the focus on providing bereavement support in a diverse and inclusive society.
20 Nov 2018
Next steps for genomic medicine in the NHS - regulation, challenges for adoption and priorities for research
22 Nov 2018
This essential seminar on 'Supporting suddenly bereaved children and young people' takes place on Thursday 22 November 2018 in central Cardiff. This not-for-profit event will be led by practitioners and academics who specialise in sudden bereavement, and provides an essential opportunity for practitioners to develop their skills and discuss and learn about best practice. It will help practitioners provide long-term empathetic support and discusses some of the issues facing practitioners in providing effective support to families.
28 Nov 2018
South Central
Develop confidence and understanding with new skills and resources to appropriately support bereaved children and young people with learning disabilities. For all professionals who come into contact with bereaved children and young people in the course of their work, whether in the statutory or voluntary sector.