Events Calendar

01 Jun 2019
West Midlands
UNFORGETTABLE Two story-based workshops to help you find the right words to celebrate a life. Would you like to be able to tell a story about someone - a story that honours and celebrates their life? To complement their live show, the Unforgettable team are offering two FREE workshops to help you do exactly that, either speaking out loud or writing it down. You don’t need to have ANY experience of writing or storytelling. Workshop 1 The Gold Rolls Royce is a storytelling workshop about remembering people and seeing how they have shaped our lives. Led by Cat Weatherill. Workshop 2 - The Shape of a Life is about writing eulogies (stories told at funerals) You’ll learn techniques to look beyond the obvious, and dig out more information to make a life story richer and rounder. Led by Ruth Graham
01 Jun 2019
Northern Ireland
Step away from daily pressures and join us on one of our support days.
03 Jun 2019
South East Coast
Many people feel uneasy talking about death and dying, but the truth is we are all going to die. On Monday 3rd June, from 9am to 4pm an event to help people talk about preparing for death is coming to Fareham Shopping Centre. It aims to encourage people to become more comfortable talking about death and to sort out the practical issues about their own death: funeral plans, wills, organ donation, and end of life care. Above all, it wants people to discuss and share these plans, so that the right information is available at the right time.
04 Jun 2019
Coffin Club UK is based on a successful model originating in New Zealand which aims to bring information about funeral choice and opening up the conversation on death and dying. At Coffin Club North London you can find out everything you need to know and more about planning a funeral practically, financially and creatively, whether it be your own or somebody else's. And you can even assemble and decorate your own coffin if you want to.
07 Jun 2019
South Central
Cat Weatherill & Ruth Graham present UNFORGETTABLE
09 Jun 2019
Fire & Rain Soul Spa retreats give you space to take a break in feelgood surroundings in Scotland, to enjoy life as much as you can in this “new normal”. Tempted to use the word hygge for what we are offering…… Sitting in the cosy lounge reading or chatting next to the wood fire, with a mug of hot chocolate or a glass of prosecco (why not? ;))….watching the sunset on the beach….hiking up a hill…savouring delicious food…..spotting rainbows and robins.
13 Jun 2019
Join us at The Royal Society of Medicine as we listen to the voices of patients, their advocates and distinguished academics who have delved deeply into the meaning and many aspects of suffering.
14 Jun 2019
This conference focuses best practice in decision making and mental capacity and ensuring adherence to the October 2018 NICE Guideline on Decision Making and Mental in line with the new recommendations.
15 Jun 2019
The two workshops 'A Share Experience' 13th April and 'Conscious Living, Conscious Dying' 15th June, will explore the sacred process of living and dying, and the process of spiritual transformation.  Is there a way we could engage consciously and share authentically in the last stages of life, for our loved ones and for ourselves? 'Conscious Living, Conscious Dying' 15th June 2019, 2pm to 5.30pm
01 Jul 2019
The national controlled drugs summit focuses on ensuring the Safer Management of Controlled Drugs: Diversion & Abuse, Prescribing and Use. Aimed at Controlled Drugs Accountable Officers, Pharmacists and Prescribers the conference will update you on current national developments, and improve practice learning from case studies.