Events Calendar

20 Sep 2019
South West
The 6 module course will help us face what happens in the dying process, and how we can be more prepared for this inevitability. The 3 facilitators will be drawing from their collective experience of t’ai chi, palliative care and emotional support to offer a full programme of practical guidance and advice.
24 Sep 2019
At Coffin Club North London you can find out everything you need to know and more about planning a funeral practically, financially and creatively, whether it be your own or somebody else's. And you can even assemble and decorate your own coffin if you want to.
02 Oct 2019
South West
Come along to enjoy some tea, cake, and good company!
22 Oct 2019
The Loss Foundation is running a grief support workshop for counsellors and therapists who would like to learn more about how to approach the subject of death, loss and grief in their practice and how to help those faced with bereavement
26 Oct 2019
Redbridge Library Service is the UK's first Death Positive Library service. Since 2017, we have been delivering The Final Party, a project aimed at celebrating life and removing fear and barriers to talking about death and dying.
26 Oct 2019
Yorkshire & The Humber
Are you interested in sharing coping strategies around food with other bereaved partners and learning how to cook simple but highly nutritious and tasty meals? From 26th October we will be offering a monthly 6-hour Culinary Grief Workshop for bereaved partners. Based on our personal and professional experience we believe that grieving partners need holistic support to cope with the emotional and practical challenges around cooking for one to prevent any short- or long-term health effects grief can have on body and mind.
29 Oct 2019
North West
An evening of Morbid Curiosity is a space to encourage thinking about mortality. It is the one thing that unites us all. We will die at some point however, we let death hang in the air and often leave things unsaid and dreams unlived, conflicts unresolved. Our little evening aims to get you talking and laughing about this shared experience.
31 Oct 2019
South Central
For many of us, death and dying are taboo subjects that we brush under the carpet and, most of all, fear. Planning our exit ahead means less uncertainty where we have choices and, for those we leave behind, more comfort knowing that they will be carrying out our wishes.
12 Nov 2019
One day training: An introduction to planning for the last years of life. This interactive course aims to increase understanding of the importance of planning for the end of life. It equips participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to enable them to initiate conversations with service users and to signpost them to further support.