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Dying Matters Awareness Week, running from 10 - 16 May 2021, is a chance for coalition partners, organisations and individuals to come together and open up the conversation around death, dying and bereavement.

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End of life care and funeral organisations join forces for an attention-grabbing event in Birmingham.

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What is the theme for Dying Matters Awareness Week 2021? 
This year, the week will focus on the importance of being in a good place to die. 
Where people die is changing. More people than ever are dying at home, and the pandemic has accelerated this trend. In 2020, 28% of people in the UK died at home. 
With gaps in support structures for people when they die, and for those that are left behind, people are dying without being in the right place. Often, people don’t feel prepared and they haven’t fulfilled their wishes or communicated them to loved ones. 
We want to raise the profile of the care that does exist and the benefit that it gives to dying people and their families. And we want to raise our voices to highlight what needs to change for people at the end of life. 
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How can I get involved with Dying Matters Awareness Week? 
You can get involved in many ways - from taking the opportunity to have a conversation with colleagues and sharing stories on social media, to actively taking steps to prepare for end of life for you or your loved ones or even holding your own events during the week. 
What matters is that you're creating a space for people to talk about being in a good place to die – physically, emotionally and with the right care in place. 
We'll be sharing stories, information and raising our voices about what it means to be in a good place to die. Join the conversation using the hashtags #InAGoodPlace and #DMAW21.
While we know that face-to-face events may not be happening for a while yet, it is more important than ever for us to talk about death, dying and bereavement. You can still host zoom events, or if you wish, events in a safe and socially distant way.
A Dying Matters event can be a simple or as complex as you wish. What matters is that you're creating a space for people to talk about being in a good place to die - physically, financially and with the right care in place - and that you're doing so in a way that you feel comfortable you can deliver.
In the lead up to May, we’ll be sharing information and resources for you to use as you wish. We’ll share them on this webpage as well as direct to your inbox. Sign up today. 
Where can I find information about Dying Matters Awareness Week 2021?
Hear it first - sign up to the Dying Matters newsletter and get the information straight to your inbox.  All information will also be shared on this webpage as well as on our Facebook page and Twitter feed
Are you in Scotland?
From 10 – 16 May 2021, our partner organisation, Good Life Good Death Good Grief are holding a Demystifying Death Week, taking place across Scotland. Discover more.

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