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  1. Make a donation to Dying Matters

    ... download the 'Legacies' document here . For more information on donating on a regular basis, corporate giving or corporate ...

    j.meredith - 03/07/2017 - 10:29am

  2. NCPC and Dying Matters and Hospice UK to finalise merger

    ... and national bodies through to tiny charities, and many more besides. And most of all to the individual people who have shared their ... the other, and we believe that the new organisation will be more than just the sum of its parts. This merger will create an organisation ...

    s.owens - 29/06/2017 - 11:18am

  3. Understanding death and dying

    ... Cerebrovascular diseases 5.6%   More information The five leading causes of death for women (2015) ... lower respiratory diseases 6.0%   More information End of Life Care  The goal of  care for people ...

    j.meredith - 09/01/2017 - 3:32pm

  4. Brits more relaxed about death but just 30% have planned for it

    12 May 2016 More than half of people in Britain feel more comfortable talking about their own death or that of people close to them ...

    sarah - 26/10/2016 - 4:12pm

  5. Event planning

    Link:  More Thinking about Awareness Week? Get expert advice from ...

    sarah - 04/05/2017 - 5:06pm

  6. A Conversation Starter around Death and Dying

    ... two sentences: “I feel...” and “I want to talk more about”. These reflections, pinned up for others to read, included:  ... on family, friends and colleagues” I want to talk more about...  “Dying with my mum, who is deteriorating yet we as ...

    s.owens - 05/06/2017 - 3:29pm

  7. A natural death - my mother's wish

    ... her lips as needed, and told me to wake her to give more morphine if Mom was in pain. I had no idea how often I should give Mom the ... could have been significantly mitigated if I had had more information about what occurs during dying (i.e. if I'd asked my trained ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 14/06/2017 - 11:12am

  8. Doctor and Daughter, My experience of terminal illness

    ... ways. I would say that for a while, the bad times may be more vivid, more fresh in your mind as you try to understand this terrible thing which has ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 14/06/2017 - 11:16am

  9. What to do after someone dies

    ... is a brief guide to the main steps, with links to other more detailed sources of information. Information on where these ... involved in their care as soon as possible.  More information on organ and tissue donation The medical certificate ...

    j.meredith - 10/01/2017 - 4:31pm

  10. The New Bedfordshire Eulogy Collection

    ... unfold and the memories of its people will be honoured. More information is available on: ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 14/06/2017 - 11:11am