Nurses wearing 'Do not disturb' tabards

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Nurses wearing 'Do not disturb' tabards

A new initiative sees nurses wearing red "do not disturb" tabards during drugs rounds. NHS Trust managers say it will reduce the number of mistakes in giving out medication. Writer Christine Odone says the tabards are 'offensive' and symptomatic of a profession that is no longer about patients but about cases [ Would love to hear your views.

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I agree that the tabard just contradicts with nurses' motto

I agree that the tabard just contradicts with nurses' motto which is setting their number one priority to serve patients. It is understandable that the implementation of the tabard is to reduce or deplete human error during the period of dispensal of medication but patients or family members could require assistance at that very moment too. Thus, completely ignoring them at that period of time could mean breaching the trust that patients and family members have been putting in healthcare providers, and that is "patients come first". Perhaps they should consider having 2 nurses during the dispensal of medication period. This way, while 1 nurse is busy dispensing medication to patients, the other could render assistance to whoever that might needs any.

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